Some of the customers to whom direct consultation was provided.

1 Cholan Papers limited, TN Review of boiler problems
2 Andavar Solvents, TN Review of boiler problems
3 Adilaxmi oils limited, TN Boiler performance review
4 Vishal papers limited, Punjab Review of boiler problems & modifications for petcoke firing
5 Usha Martin Limited, Bihar Trouble shooting operational problems
6 TVS SriChakara, Rudrapur Trouble shooting boiler failure
7 Tata Sponge limited, Orissa Procurement of power plant using washery rejects
8 Suguna Foods Limited, Karnataka Boiler tube failure diagnosis
9 Sripathi Papers, TN Review of boiler operational issues
10 Sri Sri Nivas Paper mills Ltd, TN Boiler explosion diagnosis
11 Wartisila Power, India Boiler performance review
12 Rajasthan Syntex Pvt LTd, Rajasthan Boiler performance review
13 Rajasthan Liquors Pvt Ltd, Punjab Review of boiler problems
14 Guhan Paper mills, TN trouble shooting boiler tube failure
15 Genus Paper Mills, UP Review of boiler problems
16 Dharani Sugars, TN trouble shooting boiler tube failure
17 DF power system, Bangalore Operation review of CFBC boiler
18 Kanpur edible oils P Ltd, UP Consultation for power plant procurement
19 Shamanur sugars, Karnataka Review of Cogen boiler specification
20 Sathavahana Ispat, Bellary, Karanataka review of boiler problems
21 Saraswathi Udyog, TN Review of boiler problems
22 Santhosh Maize products, TN Review of boiler problems
23 Pioneer Distilleries, Karnataka Review of boiler problems
24 LSP agro Industries, Salem, TN Review of boiler problems
25 KBD sugars, AP Review of boiler problems
26 Greenland Papers limited, Attingal, Kerala Review of boiler problems
27 ISGEC heavy Industries Limited Review of boiler problems
28 Cheema Boilers Limited, Chandigarh Repeated bed tube failure
29 Veesons Energy system, TN Trouble shooting Cogen boiler underperformance
30 Thermax limited,O&M group, Pune Diagnosis of BHEL make CFBC boiler tube failure
31 Vaigai Oils, Madurai, TN Performance audit of boiler
32 Mehali Paper mills, Dahej Procurement of new Cogen power plant
33 Vamsadhara Paper mills Ltd, Chennai Trouble shooting tube failures
34 Ruchira Papers Ltd, Himachal Pradesh Modification of Feeding system for Petcoke firing and Boiler capacity upgradation
35 Yash Papers Ltd, UP Annual inspection of AFBC boiler
36 ARS Energy Pvt Ltd, TN Supervision of Cyclone-Vortex finder erection and Kick-off zone water wall panel erection
37 ARS Energy Pvt Ltd, TN Trouble shooting Cyclone-Vortex finder failure & Water wall tube failure
38 Simhapuri Energy Ltd 4 X 150 MW, AP Trouble shooting Cyclone-Vortex finder failure
39 Balaji Amines Ltd, Maharastra Boiler Performance Review
40 Apollo Tyres Ltd, TN Boiler Performance Review
41 Jorf Lasfar Energy Company, Morrocco Annual shutdown inspection of 330MW PF boiler
42 Jorf Lasfar Energy Company, Morrocco Trouble shooting boiler 2nd pass vibration problem
43 VS Lignite Power Pvt Limited, Raj Troubleshooting of 135MW CFBC Boiler Problems
44 Alok Ferro Alloys Limited, Chh Boiler Performance Review
45 Emami Paper Mills Limited, Odisha Troubleshooting of Fuel Consumption Issue
46 Nitin Spinners Limited, Raj Boiler Shutdown Inspection
47 Balaji Power, Chh Boiler Performance Review
48 Hira Ferro Alloys Limited, Chh Boiler Performance Review
49 Keshav Power Limited, TN Reengineering of Boiler Duct
50 Ruby Macons Limited, Guj Boiler Troubleshooting
51 Chemplast Sanmar Ltd, TN Troubleshooting high Ash fouling in 125TPH AFBC Boiler
52 Sesa Iron Ore, Goa Feasibility study for alternate ducting routing for Coke Oven - WHRB
53 Operational Energy Group India Pvt Ltd, TN Tube failure & loss of generation in 3*63 MW Chinese make CFBC Boiler
54 Apollo Tyres Ltd, TN Design & Construction Audit for CPP Boiler
55 Sesa Sterlite Ltd, TamilNadu TroubleShooting back pressure at ID Fan outlet in PF boilers.
56 Sree Rayalaseema Histrength Hypo Ltd, AP Troubleshooting of high-low bed CFBC boiler from China.
57 Arya Energy Ltd, Madhya Pradesh Troubleshooting repeated Bed Coil failure by Caustic gouging.
58 Shanti G.D Ispat & Power Pvt Ltd, Chhattisgarh Resolving of Vibration problem
59 ACB (India)Ltd,Chhattisgarh Troubleshooting of CFBC Boiler start up problem.
60 Simhapuri Energy Ltd, AndhraPradesh Troubleshooting & Annual Inspection
61 UltraTech Cement Ltd, Unit-Birla White, Rajasthan Boiler Shutdown Inspection
62 ATC Tires Private Limited, TamilNadu Troubleshooting of Tube failures
63 DCW Limited, TamilNadu Complete shutdown Inspection of COGEN Boiler
64 Apollo Tyres Ltd, TamilNadu Analysis of Coal fired boiler tube failure and Improvent of efficiency
65 K.M.Sugar Mills Ltd, UttarPradesh Consultancy service for Improving Boiler Performance
66 Suguna Foods Limited, Karnataka Performance study of AFBC Boiler
67 Cauvery Power Generation Chennai Pvt Ltd, TamilNadu Troubleshooting of refractory failures and General review of Boiler Operation & Installation
68 Sarda Energy & Minerals Ltd, Chhattisgarh Shutdown Inspection
69 Shreyans Industries Ltd-Shree Rishabh Papers unit, Punjab Supervision for Upgradation of CBL Boiler
70 A.R.S Metals Ltd, TamilNadu Performance review of CFBC Boiler
71 A.R.S Metals Ltd, TamilNadu Constructional audit services for CFBC Boiler
72 JVL Agro Industries Ltd, UttarPradesh Troubleshooting of AFBC Boiler
73 Dalmia Cement-Keshav Power Ltd, TamilNadu Performance study of the Boiler & Turbine
74 Orchid Chemicals Pharmaceuticals Ltd Modification of boiler Steam generation capacity
75 DCW Limited, TamilNadu Design engineering review of Furnaces for Change over from Oil to Producer Gas firing.
76 Shree Cement Ltd,Rajasthan Review of Boiler operational log & water chemistry log, Identification of causes of any tube failures and Recommendations for better availability
77 ARS Metals Private Limited,Tamilnadu Construction auditing of 250 TPH CFBC boiler, Plant performance study
78 J.K Paper Mills Ltd,Gujarat Review of CFBC boiler operation & failures, Tube failure diagnosis.
79 Suryadev Alloys and Power Private Limited,Chennai Plant performance review
80 Talwandi Sabo power plant, Punjab Technical study for using imported coal in supercritical power plant boilers
81 Gujarat Heavy Chemicals Ltd, Gujarat Trouble shooting tube failures in Cogen boilers
82 Bengal Energy Ltd Optimising the operation of WHRB in coke oven WHRB
83 Vision Sponge iron Trouble shooting steam generation problem in WHRB
84 Universal Starch, Maharastra Trouble shooting SH tube failure
85 Deepak Spinners, Guna, MP Operational audit of captive power plant boiler
86 RR energy, Bilaspur Trouble shooting combustion issue in the boiler
87 HIRA Ferroalloys Ltd, Chattisgarh Operational audit of power plant boiler
88 HIRA power & Steel Ltd, Chattisgarh Operational audit of the power plant
89 Cauvery power, Tamilnadu CFBC boiler refractory failure diagnosis
90 Rengaraj Ispat , Tamilnadu Trouble shooting tube failure in CFBC boiler
91 Uttam galva steel & power, Maharastra trouble shooting CFBC boiler tube failure
92 Sentini Bio products, Vijayawada Cogen boiler performance auditing
93 Cresent Power limited, Asansol In house boiler operator training program
94 Junagadh Power private Ltd, Gujarat Fouling problem with biomass fuels
95 Unique sugars & allied chemicals Ltd, Dondaicha General audit of power plant & plant steam system
96 BMM Ispat Limited, Hospet, Karnataka Trouble shooting repeated tube failures in Chinese CFBC boiler
97 Pioneer power limited, Ramanathapuram trouble shooting Preheater crack in HRSG boiler
98 JVL Agro Industries Ltd, Varanasi Diagnosis of repeated Superheater tube failures
99 Sarda energy & minerals Ltd, Chattisgarh Trouble shooting poor boiler performance
100 Orchid chemicals & pharamaceuticals, TN Trouble shooting ESP performance
101 ITC limited, Tribeni, West bengal Boiler performance audit
102 ATC tires P Ltd, Tamilnadu Boiler performance auditing
103 Hindustan cocacola, Ahmedabad Safety audit of boiler
104 Hindustan Cocacola, Vijaywada Safety audit of boiler
105 Ruchira paper limited, HP Boiler performance auditing
106 Penna cements, AP Trouble shooting boiler tube failures & review of CFBC boiler operation
107 Synergy sakthi renewables ltd , Tamilnadu Superheater corrosion in coconut frond fired boiler
108 A2Z powercomm limited, Punjab Superheater fouling with cotton stalk ash in CFBC boiler
109 Maithan alloys, Meghalaya Fuel puffing problem at fuel feed system to FBC boiler
110 Nitin Spinners, Bhiwara, Rajasthan Diagnosis of ESP failure
111 Vishnu Paper, Chennai Boiler explosion diagnosis
112 Shree mega power 2 x 150 MW Constructional audit of 475 TPH CFBC power boilers
113 Shah Papers P Ltd Boiler explosion diagnosis
114 Apollo tyres, Chennai Operational review of boiler
115 Chemplast sanmar Ltd, Mettur- TN Diagnosis of bed tube erosion
116 Bharat Oman Refineries Ltd Diagnosis of FBHE failure
117 Kaygon Paper mills, Aurangabad Undercapacity problem & bank tube failure
118 West coast paper mill Ltd Operational review of FBC boilers
119 Madhucon Projects Ltd., AP Design review of Economiser supporting system in CFBC boiler
120 KG Design Services Ltd., Coimbatore Development of Boilers with solar heat energy
121 Madras Cement Ltd., Ariyalur Construction audit of AFBC Boilers
122 MSP Steels Ltd., Orissa Diagnosis of SH coil failure in a AFBC boiler
123 Ultratech Cement Ltd., Hirmi Preparation of training package on CFBC Boiler
124 TVS Srichakra Tyres Ltd., Madurai Review on process boiler selection
125 Ruby Macon Ltd., Vapi Fine Tunining a cogen power plant
126 Dharani Sugars Ltd., Tamil Nadu Diagnosis of SH tube failure
127 Aditya Cement Ltd., Rajasthan Third party inspection of PG test of 2x30MW capitative power plant
128 MALCO., Mettur Third party inspection of PG test of 25MW pulverised coal fired Power Plant
129 Shree Sidhbali Ispat Ltd., Chandrapur Diagnosis of CFBC boiler for under capacity problem
130 Shree cements, Rajasthan Diagnosis of CFBC boiler tripping on ash fouling in 2nd pass
131 Raghu Rama Renuwable Energy Ltd., Tamil Nadu Diagnosis of back firing problem in a 80 TPH biomass fired power boiler
132 Gujarat Fluro Chemical Ltd., Gujarat Diagnosis of 105 TPH premature bed coil erosion
133 Raus Power Ltd., AP Solving clinker problem in a Poultry litter fired power boiler
134 Jubiliant Organsys Ltd., UP Shutdown auditing of 90 TPH AFBC Boiler
135 Delta Paper Ltd., AP Frequent Bed Coil failure in a 80 TPH FBC Boiler
136 Madras Cement Ltd., Jayanthipuram Operational audit of the power plant - 2x18 MW
137 Sunvik Steels Ltd., Bangalore Solving frequent clinker problem in 25 TPH AFBC Boiler
138 MALCO , Tamil Nadu Design solution for frequent erosion related to economiser failure
139 MALCO , Tamil Nadu Investigation of furnace puff during startup in 140 TPH PF Boiler
140 VG Paper Boards Ltd., Tamil Nadu Technical assistance for new Power Plant Boiler
141 Shyam DRI Power Ltd., Sambalpur Repeated Superheater failure in newly commissioned 135 TPH AFBC Boiler
142 JK Lakshmi Cements Ltd., Rajasthan Troubleshooting bed Superheater failure
143 Shree Cements Ltd., Rajasthan Troubleshooting tube failure in 85 TPH CFBC & AFBC Boiler
144 Jaibalaji Industries Ltd., Durgapur Troubleshooting Waterwall failure in 85TPH CFBC Boiler
145 JK Sugar Ltd., Delhi Feasibility study for import of secondhand boiler from Germany
146 Mandiali Paper Ltd., Pakistan Detailed design services for convertion of 80 TPH gas fired boiler to AFBC boiler from Spain
147 Dharani Sugars Ltd., Tamil Nadu Review of technical offers for SLOP fired boiler
148 Ambuja Cements Ltd., Rabriyawas Annual inspection of 80 TPH AFBC boiler
149 Ultratech Cement Ltd., Tadipatri Review of boiler erection & shutdown
150 Ultratech Cement Ltd., Hirmi Troubleshooting CFBC boiler capacity problem
151 Rajashree Cements Ltd., Karnataka Troubleshooting Design defects in CFBC boiler conversion
152 Shyam SELS Ltd., Orissa Trouble Shooting repitative Radiant Superheater tube failure in 135 TPH CFBC Boiler
153 Sidhabali Ispat Ltd., Chandrapur Erection Audit of CFBC Boiler
154 Chandigarh Distilleries Ltd., Chandigarh Troubleshooting repitative Bank tube burst in AFBC Boiler
155 Ind Barath Powergencom Ltd., Tamil Nadu Troubleshooting Tube failure in 250 PTH CFBC Boiler
156 Shri Mahavir Ferro Alloys Ltd., Orissa Boiler Modification Engineering for Low GCV coal Firing
157 Merino Industries Ltd., UP Boiler Modification Engineering for Underbed Firing
158 Mono Steel Ltd., Gujarath Detailed Steam Piping Engineering
159 ITC Ltd., Tamil Nadu Performance Audit of FBC boiler
160 Shree RayalaSeema Alkalies & Chemicals Ltd., Performance Improvement Study of 110 TPH FBC Boiler
161 Aditya Birla Cement Ltd., Rajasthan Failure Diagnosis of Main Steam Header Failure
162 Dharani Sugars Ltd., Tamil Nadu Review of SLOP Fired Boiler offer
163 DCW Ltd., Tamil Nadu Performance Improvement Study of Boiler at 50MW Power Plant
164 KCP Packagging Ltd., Tamil Nadu Review of Power Plant Proposal
165 Vikram Cement Ltd., Review of Combustor Design CFBC Boiler
166 Maithan Ispat Ltd., Trouble Shooting frequent Turbine trips on low main steam Temperature
167 Asian Paints Ltd., Pondicherry Construction Audit for the Power Boiler
168 Rajalakshmi Paper Mill, Tamil Nadu Design of Wet Scrubber for Pollution Control
169 Arasmeta Capitative Power Plant Ltd., Chattisgarh Troubleshooting of economiser tube failure
170 Saradha Terry Products Ltd., Tamil Nadu Consultaion for Coal firing Boiler
171 SV Sugar Ltd., Tamil Nadu Operational audit of Pulsating Grate coal fired Boiler
172 Shri Mahavir Ferro Alloys Ltd., Orissa Boiler Capacity Problem
173 Meghalaya Power Ltd., Meghalaya Troubleshooting Combustion Problem in Travagrate
174 Madras Cement Ltd., Tamil Nadu Troubleshooting of Boiler Start up
175 MALCO , Tamil Nadu Heat Rate improvement of pulverised coal fired boiler
176 APPM Ltd., Andra Pradesh Troubleshooting under capacity of Boiler
177 Empee Sugar Ltd., Tamil Nadu Troubleshooting SH corrosion in Biomass boiler
178 IOL Chemicals Ltd., Punjab Operational Audit of Boiler
179 Ambuja Cements Ltd., Operational Audit of Boiler & using petcoke
180 Sterlite Industries Ltd., Tamil Nadu Consultancy on Steam System
181 Mono Steel Ltd., Gujarath Construction Audit of WHRB
182 Rajashree Cements Ltd., Karnataka Troubleshoot of CFBC Boiler
183 Shree Cements Ltd., Rajasthan Shutdown Audit of Boiler
184 Aditya Birla Ltd., Rajasthan Shutdown Audit of Boiler
185 Essar Power Ltd., Vizag Operational audit of 125 TPH AFBC Boiler
186 Meghalaya Power Ltd., Lumshong Shutdown Inspection of 40 TPH coal fired Travagrate boiler of capitative power plant
187 Shyam Century Ferrous, Byrnihat Troubleshooting main steam Pipe failure
188 Shyam Century Ferrous, Byrnihat Troubleshooting main steam Pipe failure
189 RDF Power Project, Hyderabad Engineering of MSW fired boiler for 11 MW Power Plant
190 Decan Sugar, Samalkot Feasibility study for installing coal firing system in 64 TPH Bagasse fired Travagrate Boiler
191 Rajashree Cements Ltd., Gulbarga Troubleshooting boiler CFBC conversion of BHEL Make
192 Madhya Barath Papers, Chattishgarh Shutdown Inspection of 36 TPH Cogen Boiler
193 Jubilant Organics Ltd Shutdown Inspection of 90 TPH AFBC Boiler
194 Shree Cements Ltd., Rajasthan Shutdown Inspection of 85 TPH AFBC Boiler
195 RK Powergen Ltd., Hriyur Fine turning the 100TPH Biomass fired Boiler for better heat rate
196 Hanuman Agro Ltd., Raipur Troubleshooting economiser failure
197 Maithan Alloys, Meghalaya Troubleshooting of boiler for better combustion efficiency
198 Century Pulp & Paper Mill, Nainital Operational Audit of AFBC & Traveling grate coal cum pith fired boilers(7 Nos)
199 Amaravathi Paper Mill, Tamil Nadu Design Correction of an exisiting 22 TPH Boiler for availability improvement
200 Shree Cements Ltd., Rajasthan Review of Piping & Duct Design to reduce power consumption
201 Ruby Macons Ltd., Gujarat General Inspection of Boilers for better Boiler Efficiency
202 OPG Renewable Energies Ltd., Chennai Troubleshooting WHR Boilers for under capacity
203 Saraswathi Udyog Pvt Ltd., Namakkal Shutdown Audit of FBC Boiler to Restore Boiler Efficiency
204 Sri Venkatesa Paper Mill Ltd., Madathukulam Design Consultaion for Incorporating Dolochar Feeding System in Existing Boiler
205 ITC Ltd., Mettupalayam, Tamil Nadu Consultation for Polythene Waste incileration
206 Sun Paper Mill Ltd., Cheeranmahadevi, Tamil Nadu Troubleshooting frequent bedtube failure in AFBC Boiler
207 Ind Barath Energies Ltd., Tuticorin Troubleshooting Repeatative Stub Failure & SH in 100TPH Boiler
208 Ind Barath Powergencom Ltd., Tuticorin Design & Construction Audit of 3x63 MW CFBC Boiler
209 SV Sugar Mills Ltd, Kancheepuram Design & Construction Consultation for 120 TPH Pulsating Grate Coal cum Baggase Fired Boiler
210 Ind Barath Powergencom Ltd, Tamilnadu Construction Audit of 3 x 250 TPH CFBC boilers
211 Abishek Industries, Barnala Operational audit of 130 TPH FBC boiler
212 Gujarat Heavy Chemicals Ltd, Gujarat Design review for 90 TPH boiler conversion
213 Dharani Sugars, Polur, Tamil Nadu Boiler Operational audit
214 RK powergen, Karnataka Trouble shooting economiser, superheater & turbine deposition problems.
215 Riddhi Siddhi , Karnataka Operational & shut down audit of boiler
216 Sterlite copper, Tuticorin Trouble shooting tube failure in Copper Smelter WHRB
217 Malco, Mettur Troubleshooting tube failures & construction audit of power boiler.
218 ITC Ltd. PO4 carry over diagnosis
219 Balco Power, Korba Design modification to combat erosion in 540MW & 270MW power plants
220 Vedanta Alumina, Lanjigarh, Orissa Trouble shooting waterwall & roof tube failures
221 Awarpur Cements works, Madhya Pradesh Troubleshooting tube failures
222 Sree Rajapalayam mills Ltd, Tamil Nadu Power Plant feasibility study
223 Madras Cements Ltd, Andhra Pradesh Power Plant erection audit
224 Shyam Ferrous Ltd, Durgapur Boiler bed coil erosion problem
225 Sree Ambika Sugars Ltd, Tamil Nadu Boiler condition audit & capacity
226 Base Power Ltd, Raichur SH tube failure troubleshooting
227 SKM Feeds, Tamil Nadu Process plant auditing & boiler availability improvement
228 Chettinad Cements, Karikali Bed ash handling system automation
229 JK-Central Pulp & Paper Ltd, Sangad Chinese CFBC installation audit
230 Saraff Energies Ltd, Thailand Boiler under capacity Problem
231 Gallant power Ltd, Bhuj Troubleshooting poor combustion problem
232 Ramky Enviro System MSW Power plant selection
233 Rass Cements, Beawar Boiler capacity enhancement & circulation calculation
234 Grasim Cements, Ariyalur Boiler capacity enhancement feasibility
235 Gemini distilleries, Karnataka Boiler performance restoration
236 Shriram fertilizers, Kota General audit of boiler & performance improvement
237 Yash Paper Ltd 6 MW Power plant procurement and installation
238 Madras Cements Ltd, Mathode Captive power plant procurement
239 Shree Cements, Beawar WHRB for cement Kiln exhaust
240 Navabharat ventures Ltd WHRS for ferrosilicon furnace procurement
241 Nakoda Ispat, Raipur Design verification of WHRB
242 Meghalaya Power limited, Meghalaya Design & construction review of bamboo chip fired boiler
243 N.K.Agro, Karnataka Pollution control problem
244 NathPulp & Papers Ltd, Maharastra Boiler Performance improvement
245 Shree Cements Ltd, Rajasthan Boiler performance improvement & annual inspection
246 Shree Shyam Ferrous Ltd, Meghalaya Fuel feeding system improvement
247 Thai Acrylics Ltd, Thailand Tacuma Boiler Performance
248 Empee Distilleries & Sugars Ltd., Andhra Pradesh Steam pressure drop problem
249 Dharani Sugars Ltd, Tamil Nadu Boiler Performance improvement
250 Aranthangi Chemicals, Tamil Nadu Turbine selection
251 Aksera Papers Ltd, Tamil Nadu Boiler efficiency improvement
252 Aditya Cements, Rajasthan BHEL boiler annual inspection
253 East India commercial co Ltd, Andhra Pradesh Plant operational improvement study
254 VKG steels, Kanchipuram, TN Boiler operational audit
255 Aryan Paper Ltd, Vapi IBL make boiler trouble shooting
256 Hanuman Agro & Chemicals Ltd, Madhya Pradesh Optimisation of fuel consumption
257 Jubiliant organics Ltd, Uttar Pradesh Bed Coil failure dignosis
258 Sree Rayalaseema alkalies & chemicals Ltd, Andhra Pradesh Deaerator hammering & bed SH failure diagnosis
259 Sakthi Sugars Ltd Solve draft loss problem in flue gas system
260 Gujarat Heavy Chemicals Ltd Boiler procurement assistance for CFBC boilers
261 Madras cements Ltd Annual shutdown inspection of FBC boilers
262 Chitra Bio Energy Ltd Superheater corrosion failure analysis
263 Sriram Energy systems, Vijayawada Audit of operation of boiler in MSW fired power plant
264 Sri Rayalaseema Alkalies and chemicals, AP Erection audit of boilers
265 Coromandel fertilizers Ltd Trouble shooting of water carryover in sulphuric acid plant boilers
266 J.K.Papers Ltd., Orissa Combustion efficiency improvement in TBW make FBC Boiler
267 Navbharat Ferro Alloys Ltd., Orissa Trouble shooting of TBW make boiler for circulation failure
268 Grasim Industries, Karnataka Review boiler design for procurement
269 Va Tech Wabag, Gujarat Boiler tubes bursting and to analyse the reason for boiler failure
270 Rajshil Paper mills, Karnataka Review of boiler operation
271 Enmaz Andritz Pvt Ltd, Tamil Nadu Providing designs for new boilers
272 Empee Sugars Ltd To analysis the fuel feeding system problems
273 Sri Rayalseema Hi-strength Hypo Ltd Design & construction audit of second hand boiler
274 Jodhani Papers Ltd, Karnataka Solve combustion & emission problems
275 RPC Paper Mill, Kerala Audit the boiler operation and reduction in fuel consumption
276 Sri Vinayaka Rice Industries, Karnataka To increase the capacity of the boiler
277 Madyadesh Paper Ltd., Maharastra Boiler shut down audit
278 Vaishnavi Sugars, Maharastra Tube failure diagnosis and capacity enchancement
279 Ambuja cements, Rawan, Chattisgarh Boiler operational improvements
280 Kothari Sugars,Tamil Nadu Failure diagnosis of waterwall tube failure
281 OEG india , Chennai Training of boiler operational team
282 Grasim Industries,Karnataka Boiler efficiency improvement studies
283 S.V.Sugar Mills Ltd., Tamil Nadu Construction audit of imported boiler
284 SKM Egg Products Pvt Ltd., Tamil Nadu Boiler design verification before purchase
285 Va Tech Wabag, Tamil Nadu Services for the boiler procurement
286 EID Parry India Ltd., Tamil Nadu Capacity and Efficiency enchancement in 50TPH Bagasse fired boiler
287 Bunge India Pvt. Ltd., Tamilnadu Procurement assistance for new boilers
288 Sai Renewable Power Ltd., Andhra Sugars Boiler performance improvement studies
289 The Andhra Sugars Ltd., Andhra Pradesh Design review of boiler before import
290 K.G.Denim, Tamil Nadu Improvements for efficient plant operation
291 Bannari amman sugars, Karnataka Solve back firing problem in 80 TPH TBW boiler
292 Cochin Kagaz Ltd., Kerala To study the boiler-start up of FBC boiler
293 Khaitan chemicals & fertilisers Ltd, MP Review of boiler conditions in the group plants
294 Paper Packing, Karnataka Efficiency improvement in the boilers
295 Rajshree Cements, Karanataka Black ash problem rectification
296 Shyam DRI Limited, Sambalpur Design & construction audit of 135 TPH AFBC boiler
297 Kaveri Paper, Karnataka Guidance for boiler relocation
298 RK powergen, Karnataka Trouble shooting economiser, superheater & turbine deposition problems
299 Seshasayee Paper boards, Tamil Nadu Frequent boiler tube failure by caustic gouging
300 Sai Lakshmi Industries, Karnataka Main steam line distortion problem
301 T.V.S Rubber, Tamil Nadu Chimney failure/pollution control
302 T.V.S.Srichakara, Tamil Nadu Steam line sizing and routing for energy saving/new boiler procurement
303 S.V.Sugar Mill Ltd., Tamil Nadu Capacity improvement in the 60 TPH Bagasse fired boiler
304 Grasim Industries, Nagda Review of boiler construction by IJT boiler
305 Bannariamman Distilleries, Tamil Nadu Solve the low water level nuisance trips
306 Magnesium Products, Karnataka Boiler capacity enhancement & tube failure in superheater coils
307 ITC Ltd., Andhra Pradesh To sort out the problems of high UBC in Boiler
308 Ghaziabad organics, Ghaziabad Solving scale problem
309 Birla white cements, Jodhpur, Rajasthan Bed SH failure diagnosis and shut down audit of boiler
310 Hindusthan Lever Ltd., Tamil Nadu Water preheater failure diagnosis
311 Kothari Sugars & Chemicals, Tamil Nadu Tube failure in boilers
312 Shamanur Sugars, Karnataka Power plant procurement assistance
313 Davangere Sugars, Karnataka Trouble shooting boiler bank tube failure
314 Samson Distilleries, Karnataka Total improvement of the boiler systems
315 Gauri Industries, Karnataka Capacity improvement of the boiler
316 Merino industries, UP Boiler & steam distribution system audit
317 Satpuda Pulp & Paper, Maharastra Review of boiler performance of boiler on coal and biogas
318 Andhra Sugars(Chemical division), Andhra Pradesh Conversion of the boiler from coal to rice husk firing
319 Andhra Sugars(Oil Division), Andhra Pradesh Boiler operational improvement
320 Toba Pulp, Indonesia Solve roof tube failure
321 Karur K.C.P Paper, Pondicherry Improvement of fly ash collection system
322 TISCO, Bihar Review of boiler operation with washery rejects
323 Emami Papers Ltd., Orissa To solve the bed coil erosion
324 GVG Papers Ltd., Tamil Nadu Analysis of the boiler modification
325 Sri Amaravathi sugars, Tamil Nadu Improvement in the steaming capacity
326 Sri Venkatesa Papers, Tamil Nadu Boiler operational improvement
327 Jyothi Bio energy Ltd, AP Addition of SH for coal firing option
328 Laxmi Modern Rice Mill, Karnataka Increase of the boiler steaming capacity
329 Asian Paints, Pondicherry To optimise the boiler combustion with different fuels
330 South India Papers Ltd., Karnataka Analysis of the boiler efficiency and combustion
331 Chemplast, Tamil Nadu Operational improvement
332 Travancore chemicals Ltd., Tamil Nadu Capacity & Efficiency improvement
333 Ugar Sugars Ltd., Ugar Dignosis of tube failures
334 Aditya cemens, Rajasthan Construction audit of CFBC boilers
335 Yash Papers Ltd., UP Design modifications in 22TPH FBC Boiler
336 JK laxmi cements, Sirohi, Rajasthan Boiler tube failure dignosis & operation review
337 BILT, Tamil Nadu To redesign the air preheater