• Our Company is focussed in extending service related to auditing of boilers in process plant & power plant.
  • The audits are conducted at four stages such as Design audit, Construction audit, Operational audit and Shutdown audit.
  • Design audit is design verification of boiler with respect to Combustor sizing, auxilary equipment sizing, Circulation system analysis, Piping sizing, Supporting system design, Drum internal arrangement, Buckstay sizing, Duct sizing, Duct arrangement and so on.
  • Construction audit is to ensure the implementation of design concepts at field. Equipment will have to be erected as per the intended purpose.
  • Operational audit is to review the combustion side operational parameters and water side operational parameters for the better availability of the boiler. Operational set backs which affect PLF & PAF are reviewd and solutions are given for efficient plant operation.
  • Shutdown audit is to inspect the boiler in the detailed manner. Factors determining the boiler availability and efficiency are identified by in depth examination of boiler system. Remedial engineering solutions are given.
In the above process fuel saving is incidental. Yet the main focus is towards better plant availability factor and plant load factor.